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Boys of Slumber Fantasy Baseball League Rules



1.1 Each owner will draft 25 players.

1.2 Numbers will be drawn to determine the draft order. How the draft will proceed

will be determined on draft day.

1.3 In the first 14 rounds, owners must draft in a way as to fill the initial positions


1.4 In the last 11 rounds owners may draft player of any position they see fit.



2.1 The league will use a point scoring system as follows:


RUNS 1 point RBI 1 point WALK 1 point
Single 2 points Double 3 points Triple 4 points
Homerun 5 points Stolen Base 3 points



    WINS 20 points Losses -5 points
    Complete Game 8 points Shutout 12 points
    Strikeout 1 point No Hitter 50 points


Wins 8 points Losses -7 points
Saves 15 points Strikeout 1 point



 3.1 The initial league fee is $40.

 3.2 Transferring a player between the bench and lineup will cost 25 cents.

 3.3 Trades will cost each team 50 cents.

 3.4 Free agents will cost an amount determined by taking the amount for that player

(found in Appendix "A"), and dividing that number by 10. There will be a

minimum charge of 50 cents for players that are cheaper or not listed.



4.1 The following are the deadlines when your lineups need to be submitted:

April 30th, 1998

May 29th, 1998

July 3rd, 1998

July 31st, 1998

August 28th, 1998

October 8th, 1998

4.2 The trading deadline is September 1, 1998.

4.3 The free agent signing deadline is September 1, 1998.

4.4 Money for the league is due as follows:

  (a) Half of the initial league fee will be paid on draft day. The rest of the

league fee will be due by the All-Star break.

  (b) The rest of the fees are due by October 1, 1998. There will be no lineup

fee for the October 8th lineup due date.



5.1 Each owner will submit a lineup that includes the following:

1 catcher 1 firstbase 1 secondbase 1 shortstop

1 thirdbase 1 DH 3 outfielders

5 starting pitchers 1 relief pitcher

5.2 The designated hitter may be any batter of each owners choice.

5.3 The lineups will be submitted by midnight on the days listed under DEADLINES.

Any owner that is late submitting their lineup will have to use their lineup from

the previous month. This is also subject to committee approval.



 6.1 A player will qualify for a position if they fit one of the following criteria:

  (a) They played 15 games at that position in the previous season.

  (b) They play 10 games at that position during the current season.



7.1 Trades are to be submitted as soon as possible.

7.2 Trades will take affect on the day they are received.

7.3 Both teams must give their approval to the trade before it takes affect.

7.4 There is no limit to the number of trades an owner may make during the season

up to the deadline date.

7.5 Each team owner is allowed to trade the following:

    1. Their players;
    2. Their position in the free-agent draft
    3. One or more of their free-agent picks.



8.1 Free agent signings are to be submitted as soon as possible.

8.2 The week before the lineups are due will be when teams are allowed to pick up

free agents. The order of the draft is determined by the previous months


8.3 Each team owner will submit their list of players that they would like to draft with

detailed instructions.

8.4 An injured player can be replaced without costing a free-agent pick only if the

injured player is dropped to make room for the new player.

8.5 Each team will be allowed to sign up to 8 free agents before the deadline.



9.1 A committee of 3 owners will be formed on draft day.

9.2 Their duty will be to handle disputes that may arise during the season, and to

make decisions based on these disputes.

9.3 The decision of the committee will be binding and final.



10.1 At the end of the season, each team owner may protect 15 players from the

previous year.

10.2 The roster size for the 1999 season will be expanded to 35 players.

10.3 The rosters will be divided two ways:

    1. 25 on the Active Roster
    2. 10 on the Inactive Roster

10.4 There will be a cost of 50 cents to transfer a player from the Inactive Roster to the

Active Roster.

10.5 You may have up to three prospects on your Inactive Roster. Prospects are

those who have no major league experience.

10.6 When there is a new team owner, they will have the option of protecting players

from a team they are taking over, or choosing players that are currently available.



11.1 All the money collected will be used for the prize money, except for the following

league expenses:

    1. Ink cartridge
    2. Paper

11.2 The league will withhold $10 out of the prize money for the last place team. A

prize for this owner will be purchased by the commissioner.

11.3 The remainder of the prize money will be divided as follows:

(a)The winner will receive 75%

(b)The second place team will receive 25%