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Skunk Teams



   While not the most futile team ever in the league, the Cellar Dwellers lived up to their name.  This team came out of the gates flying, leading the league for the first couple of months.  Injuries and bad trades are what killed their chances.  Lower value players replaced the stars leaving this team with little chance to maintain their roll. While maintaining some contention, this team wound up last at the end of the year.



    So far the worst team to ever play in the BSFBL are the Screaming Beavers.  All the owners in the league were worried when aging Danny Darwin was drafted in the 15th round.  This pick set the tone for the rest of the season.  The only team not to reach 9,000 points (every other team reached 10,000) the Screaming Beavers will be remembered for their futility.



    The Purdy Demented Team finished last due to an incredible lack of interest.  Sandy Alomar Jr. was this teams only catcher and provided very few points.  The rest of the team had few stars and the few they had were wasted on this team.  The only saving grace was their pitching staff.  Solid starters allowed this team to reach 10,000 points and keep the race close for the last place spot.  Eventually, though, they faded and finished last earning the distinction of the 'skunk'.